Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why don't Black Men Take Care of their Kids!

Is he a nigga because he don't take care of his kids? Is he a man because he spends time with his children but does not give any financial support? Or does he give you money every blue moon? Or what's worse having a "baby daddy" that live in with you selling drugs having people in and out the house creating an unsafe environment for you and your child(ren) does that make him a man? Well why is it that society places the blame on these men saying "Have a slave mentality" People we need to get our facts straight the slaves were forced to leave there wives and children their wives and children were bought off to different slave masters never to see each other again and they wanted to be there but they couldn't and now the men are making the babies and choosing not to be there. And now society sees the after affects of the broken home and it is tragic we have grand-mothers raising children and grand-children and the grand children are having children and in all this where are the fathers and the grand fathers they are no where to be found? Someone please answer this how long will this broken home cycle continue? Or how long will we let this cycle continue?

Like Tupac said ".....We'll create a race of babies that would hate the ladies"

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