Monday, January 7, 2008

Being famous a gift or a curse?

Many of today's stars are stars because they have a God given talent and they are able to express themselves. Rapping and singing about sex, guns, and drugs. What about our souls the cost of fame and fortune is it that because they make a deal with the Devil? So many people are constantly in the gossip sites because they want to be in the know u know( ha) But is it really a curse to be famous I mean look at Brittany Spears and her sister they need some serious prayer I mean most people are famous and they have some kind of addiction drugs, men, and they are losing there mind look at Whitney Houston she is a legend and her whole life that she worked for is up in smoke.. (ha ha ) what do we do when u have a 36% graduation rate for high school but you have kids takin bout they wanna rap where my weed at? And little girls sayin they bootylicious what is a girl 2 do how can we gain our society back? No one wants to go to school no one wants to be educated because they think they can become famous with the stroke of a pen and have everything but I am a firm believer of The Notorious B I G when he said mo Money Mo problems....... Let me know what do u think?
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daughterofgrace said...

I have to agree that being famous is a blessing but when cameras are watching your every personal move it becomes a curse. Being a celebrity does not give people and the media the right to invade every last single move or thought that a person may have. When is enough enough? Yes, I believe that celebrities are role models because they are in the spot light but they are not God. Yes, celebrities should have a desire to live a prosperous life that is pleasing to God but we all fall. Some of us have a shorter recovery time, have learned how to ‘fake it until you make it’, or even need help with more time to get back up. It use to be that the media would report the facts and a little gossip but now they keep going and going looking for more and more skeletons. Just image if all of your secrets were exposed and carried out in the public eye? You would ‘snap’ too.
If more people would take their focus off of people like Brittany (the fact that she shared a lollipop, had on no underwear and was about to fornicate) and put their focus on serving God & his kingdom we as humans would be in a better place. Though Brittany may need help I am for sure all of the cameras and bad publicity did help to send her over the edge. Brittany and Whitney have made some bad choices which are no different from the choices that are made by non celebrities and that each person is capable of making. I have thought about choices that I am not to happy to admit to. I know that because I am covered by God’s grace and mercy this is the only thing that has kept me from those decisions that could have had a major impact. It has allowed me to think about how it would affect my family and friends. The only difference that separates some people from celebrities is the fact that they have not gotten caught and they do not live in front of the cameras. Basically what the media and the public are doing is condemning these celebrities. They just keep at them, not giving they them a chance to live. The media especially is like an animal on the hunt, they will not stop until they devour their victim. It is a shame that Brittany does not feel that she has the support needed to survive and had to turn toward a person that has exposed some of her secrets, a pauperize. We as a people need to ‘back off’ and start proclaiming the word of God to those have not been save and pray for those who have forgotten about the meaning of their salvation.
If I can repent and ask God for forgiveness and not be condemned, how is it that people have the right to condemn? How is it that we can judge her and countless of others for their shortcomings but do not turn the mirror towards ourselves as people to evaluate our own reflection? What is it that we as women, African-Americans, and Christians can do to not only learn from their lives but use these lessons as a tool to make a change in our community?