Monday, January 14, 2008

IF the MAN ain't takin I dont want him

LADIES LADIES LADIES!!!!! When is a man off limits?
When do the red flags go off that tell u he will never be my man because he belongs to someone else?
  • How do we take it upon ourselves to sleep with someone else's MAN or even worse someone else's HUSBAND!!!!!
  • And how dare u think that this man is your man!!!!!! (Well he ain't cheating on me cause he ain't sleeping with his wife?) (yes this was a real comment) Come on ladies have some self respect anyone!!!!!
I know statistically there are not enough men for every woman but why can't we have them all to our selves? I love my man and I want him to be my man and only my man How do i keep him to my self

Who is more at fault your man or the other woman ?
Infidelity or "cheating" as we young people like to say why do all the men want there cake and eat it 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF you are unsure about the person you are dating research them at a fav sight:

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